Although I am not really a gamer, I have played my share of games. A game I always liked very much was the early 90’s:20071201211011!Lemmings-logo

During those days I was the proud owner of a Philips CD-i (CD-interactive) player. A kinda predecessor of the DVD player and gameconsoles that worked with CD’s. 

And one of my favorite games was Lemmings. A very very popular game, where you had to get the death defying creatures home. All the silly animals did was walk. And you as player had eight actions for them.

  1. Climb,
  2. Float (parachute),
  3. Explode,
  4. Block,
  5. Build,
  6. Bash,
  7. Mine and
  8. Dig

Plus options to increase and decrease the droprate, pause and fast forward the little fellows, and, nuke them all (evil grin).

The further you came in the game, the harder the puzzles got (how weird Rae ;)). And untill this day there are some levels I never accomplished.

I am sure lots of you played it. And if you haven’t, or want to play it again, just Google ‘Lemmings Game‘ and you will find a lot of sites. Including many sequals, spin-offs and remakes. Here you can find a remake that is exactly the same as the original.


Fair warning: The music will stay in your head for hours!