November 7th, 18:00 hrs (CET), the big dataserver test on Bullroarer. I saw I only had my alt Eardborn there, and I wanted screenshots with Rae. So I decided to transfer Rae during the test. Don’t know if that was a smart idea, it might be busy…

I managed, but I could not get in.BRT1

Eventually I did. The servers were just restarted, and when I was there, there were 1600 people online. I heard from my kinnie and good friend Irissina (with whom I had a hotline while logging in) that when she was there before the restart, there even were 2300 people online.

Which is a lot, because on Evernight when there are 1500 people online, it’s a busy day.Online

There was lag, but not that much, at least not for me. Just many people.Crowd1

This was in Minas Tirith, by the big entrance, and there were people running everywhere. I can only imagine how it would have been in Bree.

During the test Turbine constantly sent messages to keep us informed.Bericht

I hope the test went well. For me it was mainly fun, and I met Lina Willowwood, a blogger from Laurelin (Lina’s biscuity burrow) whom I like to read, always nice to meet people 🙂

And now wait and see if I won the lifetime account 🙂

few more pics:Crowd2 Crowd3