A while ago I wrote about my very first video game. I would like to tell you now about the game that made me love adventure (and in a way role-playing) games.

Early eighties it was. Highschool years. Queen, The Police, Meat Loaf, Dire Straits were the bands I listened to. Movies to see were Dark Crystal, the Blues Brothers, Friday the 13th (1), The Empire Strikes Back… and, Raiders of the Lost Arc.

Gamewise there were the consoles, and Atari ruled! In my memory it was the only one to be honest. The Atari 2600.


And after playing other games, like of course Pac-Man, there suddenly was:

Raiders of the Lost ArcRaiders_of_the_Lost_Ark_Coverart

I totally loved the concept. Adventure, puzzles! Me and a friend from school played it for days in a row. We even hired (hired yes, for the good ole VHS recorder) the movie to find out what we missed ingame when we got stuck.

A week it took I guess. But it was the base for my love of adventure / role-playing games.

Game graphics got slightly better since then 🙂

But we had to start somewhere.