I promised you some Minas Tirith pics, and here they are. It’s awesome. The last time I got goosebumps from an update, was Helms Deep.

Got them again now!

A video will follow soon.

The first sight when going through the wall at Harlond.lotroclient 2015-10-05 14-27-57-92

Inside Minas Tirithlotroclient 2015-10-05 14-36-36-13

The main entrance.
Little crooked image, but I couldn’t get it in one shot, so I Photoshopped.lotroclient 2015-10-05 14-39-37-74

Outsidelotroclient 2015-10-05 14-43-05-98 lotroclient 2015-10-05 14-44-28-30