Back in the day – am I that old I use that phrase? –  many things were different from now. I’d like to remind you of, or tell you about if you never heard of them, Travelling Rations.TRYesterday a kinnie of mine was cleaning out her vault, and found a stack of them. She asked if there was still any need for them. And I thought, ahhh yessss, we used to need those

They were used for travel skills prior to Update 12, Helm’s Deep, November 20th, 2013. With that update the level cap was raised from 85 to 95, Western Rohan opened, Captains, Champions and Guardians could wear heavy armor beginning at level 1, and more. And, Travelling Rations were no longer required.

Before that when you wanted to use a travel skill (not if you used stables), you needed one or more Rations. When you summoned someone, the one that was summoned needed to have them.

So everybody had at least a few of them in their bags. Or two stacks 🙂 How annoying was it, when you wanted to use your Return to Bree skill and find out you couldn’t because of no Travelling Rations!

Still I think it’s a pitty Turbine decided to stop with it. Yes it was annoying when you were out of them at the wrong moment, but I never heard anybody really complaining about it. It was just the way it was. And why make the game too easy?

And my kinnie Vilna? She decided to auction her stack (for fun, before anyone thinks she really wants 200G for them 🙂 Well… she wants…)Travelling Rations