All of us that aren’t Hunters, have to travel through stables, milestones and return to skills (or walk, run, mounts). Stables are okay, cost a little bit of silver, but they are always there. Milestones and return to skills have a cooldown of one hour.

But, there are ways to make that way shorter. Will cost you some Turbine Points or Mithril Coins, but once you’ve purchased it you will love it. Pitty you have to buy it for every character you want to travel more often. So if you have many alts, it will cost you a lot.

Don’t shoot me, I’m just the messenger 🙂

What am I talking about?Traveller

First there are the Hurried Traveller and the Returning Traveller skills.
They both reduce the cooldown by 30 minutes. Hurried Traveller reduces the milestone cooldown, Returning Traveller the return to skills cooldown.

They can be purchased from the store, 495 TP. Or bought from a Mithril Trader at Thorin’s Hall, Celondim, Little Delving or Archet for 30 Mithril Coins.

Another 25 minutes reduce (for both milestone and return to) you get from the skill Expedient Traveller. This one can only be bought in the store, also for 495 TP.

Yes, like I said, if you want all it’s not cheap, and when you want it for multiple chars it’s no fun, I realize that. Good part is, your travel skill cooldowns are reduced to 5 minutes.