As some of you may know, I play LotRO without sound. Some tell me I am crazy. The music is great I hear. So here my explanation.

When I started playing, I played with sound. The music however kinda distracted me from the other sounds, from te game. That, plus the fact our computer is in the living room, where my wife watches television, made me decide to turn the music off.

Played for a while with just the ambiant sounds (are they called that?). But… well… didn’t do it for me. In the fields the sounds were nice, the wind, the animals, even the rain. The fighting sounds on the other hand were completely annoying to me. So I started playing in silence.

Now I use sound when I play music and listen to music. Sometimes when I play when I am alone in the room, I try sound. But I am so used to play without for years, it distracts me.

Sorry Turbine, I hear, I know, the musical score of the game is awesome but I never hear it.

And why no headset? Hate those things… good enough reason? hahaha.