Stopping Cold Shrew with LotRO is hard. Benefit is, not feeling sick but being in bed with a laptop, so I can surf the net and read a lot!

(I don’t have LotRO on my laptop. I don’t think it will run, well, maybe in very low graphs. But mainly because I can’t control Rae with a touchpad, and an external mouse in bed… nah.)

So I visit all kind of LotRO sites, tutorials about Adobe Premiere to make better vids for YouTube, read blogs, newssites etc. I keep myself busy.

Still… I wanna login! I want to meet up and talk to my Middle-earth friends, see my buddy Bingo Boffin to see whether he needs me, collect more tokens for the Tome of the Brown Fox I promised a friend, make screenshots (just love to take screenshots), see how my kin is doing, see what the impact is of the forthcoming exodus of the closing worlds, etc.