After closing down the game last monday evening, I went to bed with a little stomach ache. Quickly it became worse, and I did not sleep at all and had lotsa pain. Next day to the doctor, who said it was peritonitis (sorry if the medical terms aren’t all correct, blame Google Translate ;)) He gave me medicines, that seemed to work.

The next day after taking the meds the pain came back even worse. So I went to hospital, and that same evening my gall bladder was removed, and two hazelnut sized stones were taken out. Turned out to be cholecystitis. *Bleep* that hurted.

Saturday I came home. Way less pain, but the wounds have to heal, so I can’t do a lot. Good enough to be in bed with my laptop now though 🙂

And I think I will be back ingame before the end of the week. And I hope I can greet many great people from the closed servers. And my kin and friends of cause 🙂

Cya soon!!