***: can i have gold
Raebidus: Why?
***: you might aswell i am poor on hear and you are a high lvl
Raebidus: I had to start of poor too
***: yeah but sometimes you need a bit of money to become rich
Raebidus: You need a lotta money to be rich 🙂

I got that question a few times lately. This guy was poor he said. He was a level 19!! What’s with all these people that wanna be level 100 in a week and have hundreds of gold after two days playing?

What happened to ‘start from scratch’?

Yes, I have lots of gold, and it wouldn’t harm me to give him 10G. But why should I? I worked for it. I earned my first gold when I was about level 20. And true, it was harder to get gold in the early days (do I sound old, hahaha). But I never begged for it.

Looted everything (still do that), sell at vendor and good stuff at AH. Mined ores and sold stacks. Killed beasts for hides. Wooden chests, backpacks, corpses… so many ways to get gold. And I never did it for money, but crafting is also a good way to get gold.

I love to make someone a new armour set, good weapons. And I gave away lots of mats, rep items and everything. But don’t come begging for gold!

And if someone needs some money, I’m not Scrooge. But to start a conversation with a stranger with: ‘can i have gold‘… just don’t please.

For the record, I didn’t even know this person, never spoke to him or even saw him before.