Sometimes I am such a noob. Today I saw something new in the UI. So new, I found out by comparing screenshots, it was introduced in the first week of november 2012.

But, maybe, could be, who knows… there are more noobs. What am I talking about?

This little sword and two arrows.
I decided to click on one of the arrows, and to my surprise the icon changed in a horses head and the action bars of mounted combat opened.

Clicking another time and the icon became a shield.

I don’t know where this is for, but you can use it for anything you want of course.

I’m gonna use it for emotes. When I take screenshots I hide the UI. When I want to use an emote, I have to click or type the emote, quickly hide the UI, and take the screenshot. Now I can use the default shortcuts of the action bars.

And I will also use it when I am just strolling trough town and roleplay.

Maybe you think, ‘He didn’t know that!?‘. But for the people that didn’t know, handy ain’t it 😉