I still had some maps to Frostbluff. So I thought…. Let’s go! Map to Frostbluff

And it’s still there 🙂 But, it’s quiet. The stable lady is playing her lute, the dwarf lies on the keg, and there are still people building snowmen. The chicken are there, as are the snowbeasts. But the town is empty.Empty FrostbluffEven the townsquare, always full of life, is deserted.Frostbluff Square EmptyFunny thing, there is a streetsweeper. Smart thinking. Better keep it clean than having to do that the week before Yule 😉StreetsweeperI loved being in my favourite festival town. Even empty it felt good to be there. But being the only one (player) there, that’s something I never experienced. Also fun though 🙂Only one in Frostbluff