I wrote before that I am deeding at the moment. And one region after another gets an empty deed log. It’s fun. Most of the time. I’ve seen places I’ve never seen before. I thought I’ve been everywhere on the map. But no 🙂 And a lot of ‘Ahhh yeah‘ moments too.

Almost finished the Eriador deeds. What I’m going to do after those I don’t know. There are some deeds I just won’t do. Eriador – Ettenmoors for instance. Also the Rhovanion – Moria deeds are not on my list. I think I’m going for Class next.

There is one thing Turbine has to change in my opinion. I don’t mind doing slayer deeds, but killing 240 or even 300 enemies… Great when they are easy to find, but when you can kill one every 5 minutes it’s no fun. And even then it wouldn’t be that bad if the rewards were awesome. But 5 TP, and and a non-interesting title?

Why not take the advanced slayer deeds out of the existing logs, and make a new log for the Advanced Slayer? AdvancedMaybe even in tiers. Tier 1: 240 enemies, tier 2: 500. Why not up to 10,000? And then with some awesome titles, upgrades for weapons, special gear etc. as rewards.

I think many people would love that. Slayer deeds might even get popular 🙂

Turbine, this one’s for free!