We all know the lack of storage now and then. When you start to craft it is even worse. The vault, shared storage, bags, mules (alts solely used for storage), housing chests, and even mail¹.

The hoarding starts. Somewhere in your brain is something triggered that makes you keep everything you need for crafting. For me it’s ores and ingots. Luckilly as a weaponsmith I don’t need that much materials, so I can concentrate on my ingots.

WHY I need 10 stacks of Low-grade Eorlingas Ingots… I dunno! Once I had 19… And every few weeks I give most of them to friends. I know I don’t need that many, and still they keep filling up my vault.hoarding

And these are things I use. I also have lots of mats, even several stacks, of things I never used. And maybe I will use one someday, but again, WHY have several stacks?

Ah well, I still have Vault Upgrade 12 to go, and also some in my shared storage. And that’s the thing, I have the slots to put my stuff in, so I use them. That’s how we hoarders work 🙂

¹ You can use mail as a temporary storage. Send a mail with attachments to an alt. Don’t open that mail. The mail will be stored at your alt for two weeks and will be returned to sender then. If you don’t open it, it will be in your mailbox for another two weeks.
BUT Beware! After those two weeks the mail, including the attachments, wil disappear for ever.