When I read The Fellowship of the Ring and read about Tom Bombadil, I didn’t quite get it. Who was this man, creature, being? Not reading about him ever again in the trilogy made him even more futile. To the story that is, because I think he might be the most important person in the books.

Who or what he was will always be a mystery. But reading about his origine, one thing caught my attention. Originally Tom Bombadil was the Dutch Doll of his sons (thrown in the toilet by one of his other sons). The ‘Dutch’ part intrigued me. Me being Dutch, you should think I would jump up and say ‘ahhhh, a Dutch doll‘. Nope… didn’t happen. Never heard of it. It’s not like every kid in The Netherlands grows up with such a doll.

Maybe they were common among Dutch kids in Tolkiens days. And I know I’m not the youngest LotRO player, I don’t have the same age as Tolkies kids 😉

Anyway, while reading that this morning I thought it would be nice to tell about Tommies origine.

The significance of the character Tom Bombadil to the history of Middle-earth has nothing to do with these dolls, but I think it’s funny trivia.