A few months ago I read about The Evernight Report. A blog about my server. Of course I started to follow that. Then one day, just strolling through Bree, I saw Hannihr. The writer of the blog. And I started to chat with her.

She was a nice lady, and we chatted for some time. And that was the last time we spoke. Just a short ‘hello‘ some time later, and then I never saw her again. And she didn’t write much on The Evernight Report anymore either.

Untill yesterday.

Doing my deeds I got a tell from somebody I didn’t know. Turned out to be an alt of Hannihr. She stopped playing LotRO, but missed it (of course :)) and came back. I told her that her blog inspired me to write mine.

She said she would write blogs again, and she did. She even mentioned me in it. I hope she will write more now. Always nice to read peoples thoughts about this great world. So welcome back Hannihr!