At the moment I am doing deeds. Killing Gwibers in Enedwaith now. Nasty creatures, but… they are Dragons!!

And I LOVE dragons.

I don’t want to kill them. Reminds me of my friend Amelleth, who in the Dol Amroth quests kills the bad guys that are fighting bears. Reminds me of myself. I don’t like killing female enemies. And I also feel bad when I fight an enemy or beast, and there is a little rabbit in the line of fire that gets killed too.

Long time ago I fireballed a 1-morale hare. The friend that was with me got angry. Not for real, but I thought she was. And then I thought, you are right. Yes, they are pixels, but I also love the world we are in, even if it’s virtual. In real life I won’t kill an innocent being, so why do it in Middle-earth?

And for the dragons… Well, ingame they ar foul creatures that need to be slayed, and they attack me too, but they are very beautiful, and the small ones are just so cute 🙂