As of today, my Kin, the Evernight’s Legends, is a Rank 10 kinship. Founded on the 20th of June, so thats in a few days, but who’se counting 🙂

Before the Legends I tried to start up a few other kins, never succeeded. First of all you needed eight members in, I thought, a week. I never managed to get those. And the recruiting never seemed to work. Nowadays you can have a Rank 10 kin with only one member. Not good in my opinion, but Turbine moves in mysterious ways sometimes.

But… The Legends have more than one member. We don’t go for numbers but for quality and activity, but we now have around 80 active members, including the alts. And I am very happy we came this far.

I couldn’t have done it without my two Queens (successors), co-founder Ariashore/Sparklecake, and our Queen now Niurin.

Hopefully the Evernight’s Legends will be around for many more years!