Boekje buiten (Large) (Small)Back in the days, when the level cap was 50, Weaponsmiths needed hides, and 20 gold was a lot of money, there also was no arrow on the radar to show you where to go while questing. I don’t know if it wasn’t there at all, or because I then was even more noobish than I am now, nonetheless, no direction arrow for Rae.

So I began writing all NPC’s in a black book.

Newbold Leafcutter
 Bree – bij loremaster trainer‘,

was the first note I made.

After a few pages there are notes about how much mats costed at the Auction House. 50 silver ores, 700 silver. 50 dwarf-iron, 1 gold 500 silver. 50 medium hides, 175 silver.

Notes about what region to do at what level. All up to level 50 🙂

Addresses of friends houses, names of alts, recipes, schedules of progression towards higher tiers in crafting, where to find sturdy hides… you name it, it’s in there.

For many of the thing I wrote in there I use plugins now. Other things are integrated in the game. But I still use it, and even if I would never use it again, the black book belongs right beside my screen.

Boekje binnen (Large) (Small)