For making movieclips from LotRO (and games in general), there is one program you read about most often: Fraps. And not without a reason if you ask me. The layout might not be flashy and modern, but it works, like we say in The Netherlands, ‘als een tierelier’. Which means its an awesome program.

fraps_win33The only thing you have to do is start it when you are gaming. With a hotkey you can start and stop the recording. You can also take screenshots.

There are two versions, the free and the payed one. The free version has three limitations

  • a 30 second recording limit,
  • a Fraps watermark on the movie,
  • screenshots only in .bmp.

Either that, or pay € 29,95. Or… not legal, but I heard there are some very bad people who do it, download it with a crack.

There is another program that is very nice for screen recording too, Bandicam. Works kinda the same, a little more modern look, and slightly more expensive. The output files are smaller though, so that might be something to considerate.

BUT… Fraps has one feature that makes it better for me than any other screen recording program:
The ‘Loop buffer’.


What does it do? You can set that to any amount of seconds you want, I chose 15. When I press the hotkey to record, Fraps starts recording 15 seconds before that. So when something happens all of a sudden, you won’t miss it.

This works as follows. When Fraps is started, you see the framerate in yellow letters. When you are recording they are red. When you press the hotkey and hold it for a few seconds, you see the framerate color change to pink. That’s when the loop buffer is on. Now you can just press the hotkey to record as normal.

And for the smaller files, there are lots of programs to make a video file smaller. I always use it, because Fraps has very large output files.

Have fun recording 🙂

By the way, if anyone wants a full tutorial about Fraps, I will be happy to make that too.