As man, I first set foot on Middle-earth in Archet. Following the quests made me go to Bree, Bree-land, Lone-lands, North Downs, etc. The Shire, and Ered Luin, are regions I visited from time to time, but the regional quests there, I never did.

Last week I spoke with a friend about the game, and she told me she did all quests and deeds in Middle-earth, or at least, almost all. And I thought… why not? I like questing, but deeds do more like a sort of happen to me. *Poof* message: another deed completed.

But now, level 100 for quite some time, kindred with all factions, crafting maxed and guilded, I am up for a nice new challenge.

A few days ago I travelled to The Shire. My deed log told me I had two deeds. Doing quests (I did two it said!) and another one which I can’t remember at the moment. So I went to the first Hobbit with a ring above his head, and went on a quest. Killing level 11 bears and spiders is kinda fun. And if I don’t wanna do it, I put my pet in aggressive mode and he does all the work. After all, I’m a Lore-master 😉 After doing quests in Gondor, The Shire is so relaxing. And being bothered by a Nosey Hobbit is quite another thing than by a Haradrim Rider.

I understand for die-hard raiders and Ettens-lovers, doing (very) low level quests is boring as Mordor. For me it’s fun. I wonder why I never decided to do this before. I will work my way up to the high level area’s for deeds, and maybe some quests I didn’t do, eventually, but for now I have fun in The Shire.

And isn’t The Shire beautiful!!