I never really wanted a First Age Legendary Item. It’s sexy and all, but as a player that only does landscape, no Moors, no raids and stuff, the benefit of a First Ager above a Second Ager is not that much. And the price for a Blemished Symbol of the Elder King at the Auction House is so extremely high, it just wasn’t worth it to me.

But then I finished the quest Vanguard of Central Gondor. And the symbol was thrown into my lap. So yeah… that, and the imbue system now, made me decide to go for a First Age Staff.

A friend of mine, Galamoreth, had an almost guilded Woodworker alt (Galanon). And she was so kind as to get guilded right away to make me my staff.

A day later I was the proud owner of ‘Final Stick’. Since level 95 or so, I always name my staff ‘Stick’. And this should be the final one, so I asked Gala to make the craftersname ‘Final Stick’.

After identfying, the first big surprise came. I hoped I wouldn’t lose too much Morale, since my Second Ager had a lot. But this one had almost 250 more! Then I had to go for the legacies. Something I never really did. I just went for what it gave me while leveling the LI, and that was it. This time I wanted to see what legacies I could put on it.

Of course I bought the tier 4 Vitality legacy from the store. A day later Gala told me in Mirkwood it’s been sold for marks. Okay… It wasn’t that expensive. I put that in the extra slot the Anfalas Crystal of Remembrance gave me. The other legacies just came with the leveling of Final Stick. Not one of them comes from another leveled staff.

Then I imbued, and used a lot of the Heritage Runes I safed over the last year to max her (yes, it’s a she).

I also bought an Anfalas Scroll of Empowerment. Bought that too quick without looking good what it does. It just upgrades one legacy, one tier. So that was the last one for me.

All in all I am very happy with my First Age Imbued Staff.