This week the Gift of the Valar is on sale once more. For the people that don’t know, when used, it levels you to 50. I can understand that you want to use it for your 3rd or even more alt. But when people that just start this game use it, I get itchy allover.

Why not learn the ropes first? This great game lets you learn how to play it, in your own style, allong the way. You start in the low level areas. There you learn how to attack, how to defend, how to loot, what to loot, etc. And there are experienced players allover that are happy to help you or even be some sort of a mentor (or join a kin).

It took me about 1.5 – 2 years to get level 50, which was level cap then. And I know I am certainly not representative when it comes to gameplay, and also, in those days it was harder to level, but you can reach level 50 in a month easy now. So why throw away almost 5000 TP (3500 when on sale), to be a noob level 50 that regular players don’t like?

Beats me.