In this first post I will introduce myself. Not the Raebidus that’s been introduced on the About Raebidus pages, but the guy behind him.

I am a 50-year old guy from The Netherlands (so forgive me my bad English at times). A Lord of the Rings fan since I read the books in the eighties. When the movies came out I just had to see them. Went to all three on their premiere day. The last one was a marathon of all three, with at midnight the premiere of The Return of the King. Elves and Orcs walked through the theater. All just great.

When LotRO came out I didn’t buy it at first. But when after a few months I walked with my wife and son in a game store, my wife said: ‘would you like to have this one?‘ And since then I am hooked.

I am a photographer, I love to read and write, I write a column for a Dutch online magazine Your Way of Life, I like to Photoshop, I like to do creative things. I have a wife and a son, two dogs, a cat, two waterturtles and some fishes.

In these posts I will write my impressions of the game, hope you will like it.